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Livestock Assurance, Traceability and Verifiability

Unlock the potential of a hyper-scalable AI-powered cloud platform to identify, integrate and manage livestock.
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As we are finding our feet and engaging the industry to be able to offer the best solution possible, we are extremely excited to announce that we are offering our app free on Google and Apple devices.


Stoktake aims to provide a low-cost, integrated, secure, high-accuracy assurance, traceability and verification livestock platform accessible to everyone.


All in one livestock management platform

Stoktake delivers a hyper-scalable cloud platform that utilises our own proprietary image recognition technology to uniquely identify livestock through a single photograph.

99.65%+ Accuracy

Stoktake proudly boasts an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.65% and beyond, setting a new industry standard in livestock identification. Our innovative platform harnesses the power of our proprietary image recognition technology, ensuring that from a single image, livestock can be uniquely and reliably identified.

Simple & Affordable

Stoktake simplifies livestock management with affordable, accessible solutions. We eliminate complex subscriptions and costly hardware, ensuring ease for all farmers and ranchers. Our commitment to simplicity and affordability makes advanced technology accessible to all, fostering an inclusive and efficient future in livestock management.

Reduce risk

Stoktake’s technology has revolutionised risk management in livestock. Our precise image recognition and data aggregation empower users, reducing the risk and detering theft, improves accurancy and can even assist during emergencies. Stoktake is more than a management tool; it’s a vital risk management ally for all livestock businesses and ecosystems.


Stoktake excels in integration and scalability. Our platform can seamlessly fit with existing farm management systems, accommodating IoT devices, third-party software, and proprietary databases. With adaptable scalability, Stoktake is your trusted partner, offering the integration and scalability needed for long-term success in agriculture.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Goal

Reliable Livestock Verification

Ensures accurate identification and tracking of animals using advanced technology. This system boosts transparency, reduces errors, and enhances trust in livestock management, benefiting farmers and consumers.

Our Mission

Stoktake aims to provide a low-cost, integrated, secure, high-accuracy assurance, traceability and verification livestock platform accessible to everyone.

Continuously Improve Our Services To Meet Evolving Needs

We are committed to continuous improvement, adapting our services to meet ever-changing needs. This dedication drives innovation and ensures our solutions remain relevant and effective in dynamic environments.

Why Work with Us

What Makes Us Different

Stoktake strongly emphasises collaboration., trust and user-friendliness, guaranteeing an intuitive and reliable experience.

Reliable Assurance

Reliable assurance to farmers and ranchers through its precise livestock management solutions. Our solutions offer peace of mind by ensuring accurate identification and tracking, safeguarding valuable livestock investments.

Robust Traceability

Enabling users to effortlessly track and monitor the entire lifecycle of livestock. This transparency ensures accountability, enhances food safety, and builds trust within the supply chain.

Integration Ready

Our system is integration-ready, seamlessly connecting with your existing tools and processes for a smooth transition. This adaptability streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency.

Intuitive Simplicity

Intuitive simplicity lies at the heart of our design, making complex tasks easy to understand and execute. Our user-friendly interface ensures efficiency without unnecessary complications.


Scalable Solutions Meeting Your Needs

We know one size doesn’t fit all, and we are dedicated to working with you to find the best fit. If nothing “quite fits off the rack”, we will have a speciality team to custom-build a solution for you.

Stoktake App

Start using Stoktake immediately via our amazing apps available now on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Web App.

Private Cloud

Get up and running fast with your private instance of the Stoktake Platform. Includes an exact replica of the Stoktake App and can be white-labelled.

Software As A Service

Integrate some or all the features of Stoktake into your existing platform or technology using our hyper-scalable API’s.

Platform As A Service

Create your own user interface and experience and utilise the power of our platform, including a fully managed backend but our dedicated team.


Success Through Collaboration

We believe in collaborative, valuable partnerships with industry, technology and commercial leaders in the agricultural space.


World-class commercialization support for food and agtech startups with global ambition.

Smart Region Incubator

The UNE SRI is a connected community of founders and innovators who share a deep commitment to seeing new and existing enterprises flourish.

Z Ware

We are a team of passionate experts in software development with a proven track record.

Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag links animals directly to satellites, without going via on-farm towers.

Jane's Weather

Jane’s Weather combines the top performing global weather models.


Localworks designs and installs professional Wi-Fi network design and installation services.


The Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) produce a range of high-quality agribusiness information services and technology-driven products.

Flinders University

Flinders is a leading international university in Australia with a record of excellence and innovation in teaching.


The University of New England (UNE) is a public university in Australia with approximately 22,500 higher education students.

AOX Botswana

ABX Africa Group


Industry and Community Recognition

Stoktake is gaining recognition at a regional, national and international level.


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Stay up to date and connect with us on our socials today. We will post platform updates, regional partner information and general information relevant to our sector.

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Our robust solutions are changing the game, delivering assurance, traceability, and verifiability with livestock.

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